Septic Systems

Why choose Muddy Men for your septic solution? Simple: we do it right.

  • BCIN-certified for design, installation & maintenance of residential and commercial septic systems – any location, all major approved technologies. Experts on installations near bodies of water.
  • Responsive, professional, thorough and affordable–when we we bid on a job, we usually win…and so do our customers.
  • One stop solution–we take care of it all from locates, permits, general commercial liability insurance, WSIB clearance, architectural and engineering documentation,  all the way through to the final finish work that leaves a site looking better than it started. We even take care of homeowner funding applications for available grant programs.
  • Complete life cycle perspective–we aim to provide long-term solutions through work and relationships you can rely on.

Commercial and Residential Services

We are licensed by the government of Ontario to install, repair, service, clean or empty sewage systems under section 3.3 Division C of the building Code.

We install conventional septic systems on lots that allow them, but for difficult sites, we offer a number of advanced tertiary system optionsContact us for quotes.


The Muddy Men are authorized to perform comprehensive septic system inspections for:

  • Real estate transactions (Time of sale)
  • Re-inspections as mandated by local municipalities
  • Voluntary inspections

All our inspections follow the same thorough analysis and include the following:

  • Find and characterize all components of existing systems–tank, bed, pumps, etc.
  • Determine the working condition or these components
  • Assess the need for maintenance, remedial action, or replacement
  • Provide written report listing:
    • Minor deficiencies and proposed remedial action
    • Major deficiencies and required remedial action
    • Cost estimates for required remedial services
    • Overall system status
Example Septic System

Example Septic System

Site Evaluations

Site evaluations look beyond what septic system is in place at present to assess sites for future development, expansion, or replacement. In order to provide answers to what development can be accommodated and provide a meaningful cost estimate for a new septic installation, a number of variables must be determined at the proposed site:

  • Native soil permeability or percolation rate (also known as T-time)
  • Depth of the groundwater table or other limiting layers
  • Required wastewater capacity
  • Site restrictions regarding prescribed clearance distances

Muddy Men will perform a comprehensive site evaluation to determine all the required parameters for a complete septic design. This will include digging test pits to determine soil conditions and depth of the groundwater table. Soil samples will be analyzed by a soil engineer for silt content and permeability (T-time).

Soil assessment and profile

Soil assessment and profiling is part of site evaluation

Based on the findings we will prepare a Septic System Evaluation report with a number of available solutions and associated price. As we are certified installers for most of the approved septic system in Ontario, we will give you guidance as to which system is most suitable and cost effective for your particular situation.

If you choose not to go any further with us, then the report is yours to keep and will provide all the required information to the installer/designer of your choice.

If you would like to obtain a septic permit for your project but are not ready to install, we can prepare a complete septic system design, including technical drawings and parts lists. We will prepare the permit application and ensure your permit is granted.


The Muddymen aim to make the job as smooth as possible for our customers. We take care of all official paperwork and permitting required for the job.

  • Obtain official municipal survey or take detailed measurements
  • Create all architectural & engineering drawings
  • Take care of all municipal and conservation building permit applications
  • Complete local, provincial, and federal grant applications
  • Consider additional landscaping and feature enhancements–decks, walls, gardens
Meticulous design is a Muddy Men hallmark

Meticulous design is a Muddy Men hallmark

An example of the engineering CAD drawings for a septic system

An example of the engineering CAD drawings for a septic system


Installation is our favorite part–it means mud.

  • Our Foreman will be on site for duration of job (typically 4-5 days) to provide constant communication
  • We coordinate local inspector visits and the signoff of the building permit after sod or grass seed is complete
  • We provide a customized completion package containing all the reports and official documents from the entire project–evaluations, inspections, permits, drawings, warranties, operating guides, maintenance details, and more, organized for easy storage and reference.

Once the digging begins, you can expect an installation of the highest quality.

  • All materials and construction to meet and/or exceed building code requirements
  • Grass sod or grass seed finishing (or as per contract)
  • All MM technicians BCIN qualified
  • Payments at defined milestones of completion as per installation contract
  • Completion Report containing
    • Operating guidelines
    • Bill of Sale and Warranty (one year installation guarantee)
    • Manufacturers’ documentation (treatment unit/ pumps)
    • Final inspection report from Building/Health Inspector
    • Design Drawings
    • USC Graph
Installation to the highest standards.

Installation to the highest standards.


Conventional systems do not require a maintenance contract. However, all new septic tanks now must have an effluent filter installed in the outlet to the leaching bed. These filters do need regular cleaning. Our goal is to educate our customers on maintenance so that they can keep their systems running trouble-free for years.

Tertiary systems require a maintenance schedule by law. The Muddy Men offer expert maintenance service tailored to owner convenience:

  • Yearly servicing of septic system as required for most systems by the Ontario Building Code
  • Ongoing monitoring of system use and performance
  • Timely servicing to prevent irritating malfunctions
  • Maintenance contract with clearly defined responsibilities
  • Full Report of service with findings

Advanced Tertiary Systems

Waterloo Biofilter

The Waterloo Biofilter is a patented trickle-filter type treatment system which uses an innovative filter medium to treat residential and industrial wastewater. Wastewater is sprayed intermittently onto the medium and is allowed to drain through by gravity. Organic biomass grows quickly within the medium after start-up, oxidizing organic material and nitrifying ammonia in the wastewater as it passes over the biomass layer. For more information, visit

wbf residential-cedar-shed-biofilter-overview

Enviro Septic

Muddy Men Construction Corp. is a licensed installer of MakeWay Environmental Technologies’ Enviro Septic system, an advanced and yet simple sewage treatment system that does not require any pumps, aerators or washed stone. This on-site sewage system produces tertiary quality effluent without the use of mechanical equipment, is less expensive, simple to install, requires no hydro, requires less area and is environmentally safe. For more information, visit


MicroFAST® Wastewater Treatment

Muddy Men Construction Corp. is a licensed installer of MicroFAST MicroFAST® Septic Systems—proven, self-contained wastewater treatment systems that replace the traditional septic tank. Fixed activated sludge treatment (FAST®) technology was established in 1946, and is now serving over 50 million people world-wide.

MicroFAST® Septic Systems contain no internal in-sewage moving parts. The systems use only active naturally occurring microorganisms to cleanse the wastewater from family homes, vacation dwellings and projects large and small. For more information, visit