Septic Owner’s Guide

The Ontario Ministry of Environment and Energy has produced a very useful Septic System Owner’s Guide in cooperation with the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors and the Concrete Precasters Association of Ontario. From the guide:

“Problems with septic systems often stem from Improper use. A surprising percentage of householders don’t realize that they are using a septic system. Many people don’t realize the ongoing maintenance is required. Still others connect additional toilets, showers, hot tubs and other water uses, without upgrading their septic system. This manual can help. Offering operating advice, detailing the maintenance requirements, and suggesting options for septic systems in need or repairs, it’s a practical guide to day-to-day “care and feeding” of your on-site treatment system.”

Download the complete “Care and Feeding of your Septic System” (PDF)

You might also be interested in another government publication explaining how septic systems work. Download “Septic Smart: Understanding Your Home’s Septic System” (PDF).